Do I need strata's approval or an AGM to install Plugzio?

Um you will definitely need the Council's approval but an AGM depends on how nice the council is.

We have seen both cases:

Planet Lover Council: Where the council doesn't consider Plugzio as a significant change to the property (since its changing an outlet with a smarter outlet) and just approves it by a council vote (most often unanimously).

Conservative Council: Where they consider Plugzio to be a significant change to the common property which requires 3/4 vote to approve; For which they call an SGM (Special General Meeting) or an AGM (Annual General Meeting) to get 3/4 votes from the owners in order to give you the go ahead to install. We have NEVER seen Plugzio getting rejected on an AGM!


In both cases, you will need an electrician to install Plugzio. We have partnerships with the best in your area which can help you in every step of the way, contact us so we can put you in touch with one that fits your needs.