We are 3 levels down and no WiFi, does Plugzio work?

Does your phone work down there? If yes, Plugzio Cellular will work.

Plugzio Cellular uses 3G and/or LTE-m bands which have better penetration than most devices.


First test is to see whether your phone has even 1 bar down there? If it does, Plugzio Cellular should work just fine. If it doesn't, we have 3 solutions for you:

  1. Plugzio Mesh devices can share the internet among each other. Therefore if you decide to install multiple Plugzio outlets in the garage, even if one of them has Cellular connectivity, you can spread the internet to the other devices using Mesh. In summary, if P2 has cellular connectivity, you can install a Plugzio Cellular at P2 and then within 15 meters install a Plugzio Mesh and repeat until they reach your parking space. This way, more people will enjoy the benefits of Plugzio and pay a lower fee overall.
  2. You can have an electrician install a WiFi Router which they can hard-wire (Ethernet cable) to the communications room (or they can install a sim enabled Router where there is signal available). Plugzio WiFi is more affordable than Plugzio Cellular to compensate for the cost of a potential WiFi router. This WiFi router can later be used to enable communication for other chargers and/or vehicles in the garage, so its not a sunk cost.
  3. You can also install a cell booster at your garage level. It costs on average around $1,000 to max of $5,000 to install a cell booster. This way not only your phone(s) will have signal, in case of emergency, but also Plugzio Cellular will work with ease.