How fast does Plugzio charge? What is the rate of charge per hour?

Plugzio 120V can give you about 70km of charge over-night.

Plugzio's affordability allows it to be installed at your most convenient place, which is often your apartment's stall or work place; Allowing you to charge for as long as you are parked.


If you consider that 95% of the lifetime of your vehicle is spent parked, furtune's reference, if you had Plugzio available everywhere, you wouldn't need a Level 2 charger. Only occasionally a Level 3 charger for long distance trips.


Plugzio 120V is considered Level 1 charging, and Level 1 provides (on average) 7km of charge per hour of being plugged in. So you charge for an hour, you can drive for 7km. Plugzio is designed to be used for long duration parking, at home or at work where 80% of the charging usually happens. On average a vehicle is plugged in for 10 hours over-night or at work, therefore Plugzio will provide:

10 hr * 7 km/hr (Level 1) = 70 km of available charge


This is how far 70km can take you from downtown Vancouver (almost to Whistler)

BC-Hydro estimates that about 95% of all urban car trips are less than 30km, which means Plugzio over-night charging (70km) is more than enough for most people.

If you still think Level 1 is slow, we encourage you to read this article on Level 1 charging is as fast as Level 2.