How much does Plugzio cost? Factors that affect the cost of a charger?

Plugzio's overall cost, including installation and service fees is about 1/7 of a decent networked Level 2 charger.

Our startup's mission since day 1 has been to be "the most affordable way to charge" and we will stay true to our mission no matter what. We would love to see more people switch to electric modes of transportation and we believe by bringing down the cost of charging (which is biggest barrier to adoption), we can help save our planet.

Here are six factors which play a role in the cost of any charger:


  1. Unit cost of the product
    Every charger has a cost attached to it which is often paid by you directly or indirectly through the electrician (recommended). You often pay for the features packed into the product.

    The MSRP prices for Plugzio is listed on our store.
    Watch-out: Often corporations bring down the unit cost of their products and advertise that to lure people in but they win by making the service charges higher. So over the long term you will end up paying significantly higher than normal.
  2. Installation
    This is different in almost every scenario. Depends on many factors such as the structure of the property, the available electrical capacity, the distance from the electrical room and the material used for the installation.
    In almost every scenario (specially retro-fits) Plugzio turns out to be significantly more affordable than the rest since it requires less material and infrastructure to implement.
    Watch-out: What people often don't mention is that by installing a Level 2 charger, they often reach the maximum electrical capacity of the building. So the next person who wants to install ANY charger needs to pay for an upgrade to a transformer to be able to do anything (we are talking over $50,000 cost on average). The only fair option is often to only allow Level 1 for residents and have a Level 2 as backup in visitor areas.  Read this, if you think Level 1 is slow.
  3. Service Fees
    Networked chargers (including Plugzio) come with a service fee. Think of it as you buy your cellphone and then you have to go to a cellular provider (like Rogers) to purchase a sim card to access the network. Networked chargers come with sim cards built-in or work via WiFi.
    Plugzio has one of the lowest service fees in the industry and the cost you see on our store includes one year of service.

    Watch-out: Often chargers are obsolete if you stop paying the service fees. Charging companies like to hook people in to paying service fees forever. At Plugzio, we take pride in the services we provide to our clients and if someone doesn't like our service, they always still have an outlet at the end of the day.
  4. Commissions
    Every transaction comes with a commission fee (convenience fee, processing fee or whatever they may call it). So if your charger handles transactions, be sure that you must pay a commission on top of that.
    Our business model does NOT rely on commissions to succeed, therefore Plugzio offers the lowest commission in the industry, which is ZERO.
    Watch-out: We have seen commissions of around 20% in chargers, thats an absurd amount, please don't fall for the convenience sales pitch, people much rather pay through an app and save money than to tap their credit cards and get charged 20%.
  5. Ability to set prices
    Plugzio gives YOU the power to set your own prices. This means you can set a price that is fair, not be forced into a price by the manufacturer. We often see electric vehicle owners put together money to install Plugzio and set the rate higher for other users who didn't contribute to the pool. These capabilities are something you won't get with most other chargers on the market.
  6. Maintenance
    Every charger at some point will require maintenance. According to a study done by City of Richmond via AES Engineering, Level 1 is bar far the most cost effective way to charge over an extended period:


The MSRP prices for Plugzio is listed on our store. However, as we mentioned, unit price is not all the cost, any electrical equipment (EVSE or outlets) must be installed by a certified electrician. We have a trusted list of electricians who are experts in EV charging installations and can provide you with a fair quote. Depending on where you live, we will put you in touch with the right people who can guide you every step of the way. Please contact us to learn more.