How do I set a Plugzio outlet to "Public" or "Private"?

Management dashboard allows you to change access settings with ease.

If you are not the Plugzio Service Provider (PSP), send your provider these details for them to be able to update the access settings:

  1. Plugzio Outlet Id. e.g. 790KB
  2. The desired access setting. The two options are "Public" or "Private".
    1. For "Public" outlets there must be a public Payment Plan set for the users. Therefore, make sure you send over the rate you want the public to pay for this specific outlet.

If you are the PSP, here are the steps to set a Plugzio outlet to be "Public"/"Open" Or "Private" from the management dashboard:

  1. Head to the Plugzio management dashboard and open the "Outlet Management" page.
  2. Find the outlet Id you are trying to change access settings for.
  3. Tap on the "Access Setting" icon on the outlet
  4. Follow the instructions and make the necessary changes.
  5. Click "Submit" when you are done.
    1. NOTE: If someone is already using this outlet you will be notified and you have the option to discontinue their session to make this change. For security purposes, outlets settings cannot be changed while being actively used.