Isn't Level 1 charging slow? Don't we need a faster Level 2 charger?

Slow is a relative term, EVERYTHING is slower than putting gas in your vehicle. But you can't gradually put gas in your vehicle over-night, can you?

Electric vehicle ownership is a different life-style. Just like you have to plug your cellphone in every night before going to bed, you will also get used to plugging your vehicle in when you park every-night. It only takes 2 minutes!


People often panic when they hear that it takes 12 hours to fully charge your vehicle (picture bellow from BC-Hydro). Because they have this miss-conception that, just like putting gas in a vehicle, you have to stand there for 12 hours to get your tank full. That is FAR from reality. It only takes 5 minutes to charge an electric vehicle. Here is the scenario:

You get home, park your vehicle, plug in the charger and leave. You come back the next day to a fully charged vehicle! Unplug the charger and off you go.



The second problem with stating aggregate charging hours (picture above) is that, unlike gas vehicles, electric vehicles almost never go from empty to full (thats a gas vehicle habit). Electric vehicles owners are like bumble bees, they go from charger to charger. So the range almost never goes to zero before you start thinking (panicking) about getting a charge.

According to BC-Hydro AGAIN, average km driven on a daily basis is 30km, so effectively speaking it only takes 5 hours to fully charge on Level 1, NOT 20 hours.

30 km / 7 km per hour (Level 1) = 5 hours of charge necessary

Three very important extra notes about charging in general:

  1. Your range is directly related to how big your battery is, NOT the speed of your charger. So don't get deceived by the false advertisement about fast chargers. If you only travel 40km on a daily basis, it won't matter at all if your charger is Level 3 or Level 1. You will come back to a fully charged vehicle the next day regardless. Your ultimate range is dependent on your battery size, NOT your charger.
  2. The range values don't take into account Regenerative Breaking which adds range to your vehicle. Your electric vehicle will add range to your battery as you break, effectively charging your vehicle on the go. So Level 1 may give you 70km over-night, but you may be able to drive even more the next day due to Regen support.
  3. You have to take into account that you often will find a charger at your destination as well. Remember, electric vehicles owners are like bumble bees, they go from charger to charger. Therefore your effective range in a day is more than what your home charger can provide!