What are the ways I can charge outlet users for their usage?

You can create as many payment plans that fits your needs. OR you can use Plugzio for analytical purposes only and allow access FREE of charge.

There are three ways a user can be charged for usage:

  1. Usage Duration (per hour): The user will pay on an hourly basis. Money will be extracted from the user's wallet as soon as the user terminates the session by either unplugging from the Plugzio outlet OR turning the outlet off from the user dashboard.
  2. Number of Sessions (per activation): The user will pay a flat fee for usage no matter how long the session runs.
  3. Power Consumption (per kWh): The user will be charged per kWh of usage.
    1. NOTE: Be sure to read your local laws before assigning this payment plan to any user or outlet. Plugzio operates in many jurisdictions and takes NO responsibility for unlawful acts done by Plugzio managers.

You can also mix and match the criteria above. As an example a user can be on a payment plan that has a flat fee for activation AND charges 0.20 per hour of usage.


NOTE: Users will be denied access to outlets if there is not enough fund in their Plugzio wallet to support the payment.


To learn about how to create a payment plan for an outlet or user, please read this article.