Does Plugzio work outdoors? Under the rain, sun and snow?

Plugzio 20A can be purchased with a weatherproof package which saves it from most weather conditions.

Plugzio, in terms of dimensions, is a standard 2by2 device box size. For Plugzio we never planned to re-invent the wheel and make profit on accessories. Every required tool to install Plugzio can be found in a hardware store, and most electricians have the tools already in their tool-set.


These are the two most common enclosures used for installing Plugzio indoors:


When it comes to weatherproofing, Plugzio can be purchased with an affordable weatherproofing kit which is designed to provide extra sealing on top of a weatherproof enclosure:


Weather proof kit includes:

  • Adhesive backed seal that must be installed onto the Plugzio outlet
  • Two sealing washers

On the front we recommend using a single gang weather proof cover, like this one:

Here are pictures of Plugzio with the cover on:

In extreme conditions you can also use a two gang cover to fully protect the device:

NOTE: The two gang case will cover the Plugzio outlet ID which is essential to activating the plug. We can offer you an extra sticker (for free) to put over any cover or surface.